Starting credit for new credit card customers.

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Credit card holders

Credit card holders

Future credit card holders are particularly wooed by banks. Straight banks in particular lure with free cards and low fees, but that’s not all: New customers can even dust off one or two bonuses or attractive start-up credits if they choose a particular provider. In June there are again numerous promotions for new customers. An overview.

Those who opt for the Exclusive Visa Card can secure a credit of 75 USD until June 30th. The offer is a combination package, which means that the credit is only available if a current account is opened at the bank at the same time. This must also be used as a salary account.

After opening an account, at least two consecutive incoming payments must be recorded on the account; salary or pension payments are recognized here. The money must be received in the first four months after opening an account. The campaign is also worthwhile for existing customers, because they receive a bonus of their choice when they recruit a new card and account customer.

But even without the new customer campaign, the double package consisting of account and card is recommended.

The card and account can be used permanently free of charge. There are no annual fees. 1,300 machines and 58,000 VISA machines in Germany and 33 million acceptance points worldwide ensure uncomplicated use.

Good Bank increases starting credit

Good Bank increases starting credit

New customers can also secure a starting credit for the Good Bank new customer campaign. On May 19, the campaign was extended, and the credit increased from previously 70 to 90 USD. Until July 19, new customers can apply for the MasterCard credit card from Good Bank. This is also a combination of a current account and credit card, both can be used free of charge. In order to be able to benefit from the start credit, you must have received at least 800 USD in cash for three consecutive months.

This must be done within the first six months after opening an account. In addition to the account and MasterCard, new customers receive a Gircoard, which is equipped with a money card chip. The current account has a discount rate of 7.50 percent, and an immediate overdraft facility of USD 500 is also set up.

Depending on creditworthiness and income, this can later be increased to a maximum of three monthly net salaries. The new customer campaign for the Cortal Consors VISA Classic is still valid, new customers receive a $ 50 bonus if money is received in the newly opened checking account, a further $ 50 bonus is possible if the credit card is used actively.

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