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Are you looking for a loan for your tattoo? Would you like to have a small piece of art re-engraved? – Or maybe remove an old tattoo but a small loan seems out of reach?

Not all banks are ready when small amounts are to be financed. At this point the post will pick you up. Find out why problems can arise and how to get your loan quickly.

Loan for a tattoo – hurdles with the mini loan


A credit crunch does not always have to automatically only affect people who are overindebted or who do not have a secure income. One possible cause would be that the credit for the tattoo is just too small. With the mini-rate loan, banks even reject customers who would like to get a large loan easily. The reason for this is not a lack of creditworthiness, but the effort associated with lending.

It is often not worthwhile for credit institutions to provide a mini loan. For a few hundred USD loan or a loan with a term of three months, the costs exceed the interest income. With a view to the price of a tattoo, for example in Berlin from 25 USD, there is no high loan amount in the room. The loan for a tattoo, loan amount of well under 1,000 USD, would be a typical example of a lack of funding interest.

It looks a little different when a customer has his tattoo removed by a specialist. For privately paid medical treatments, special clinics and resident specialists offer the financing of the treatment costs. In this case, the attending doctor has an agreement with a specialist financier. The model is equivalent to the mini loan for the dentist. The smallest sums can be financed, even with no interest for six months.

Mini loan – easy financing of the smallest sums

Mini loan - easy financing of the smallest sums

The alternative to the mini installment loan is offered by regular credit institutions as an overdraft facility. Smaller financing projects that cannot be covered immediately from current income are the reason why there is overdraft. It doesn’t matter what the account holder spends his money on, for example for a tattoo, an inexpensive children’s bike or car repair. The bank is not even interested in the question of when a repayment will take place.

Horse foot: The overdraft facility is extremely expensive at around 11 percent + X effective interest rate.

Another alternative that even opens up the option of paying in installments would be to charge your credit card. Almost every “real credit card” allows the outstanding amount to be repaid in installments. Just like a house bank, the credit card company doesn’t care what the money is spent on. – But, the loan does not run indefinitely. Payment is required every month.

Horse foot: The installment credit via credit card is even more expensive than the overdraft facility for many providers.

The third alternative, this time as an installment loan with a maximum of three installments, would be a loan for the tattoo as a short-term loan via Great Financer. Lending is possible from 100 USD. Another advantage would be, should Credit bureau not be in “top form”, then mini-lending is not excluded. The requirements for monthly net income are also more moderate than for “real installment loans”.

Horse foot: The interest rate level of 13.9 percent is significantly above the level of the overdraft facility.

Pawnbrokers – credit for a tattoo

Pawnbrokers - credit for a tattoo

If the account is empty and the credit rating is poor, even the smallest credit requests can become a big problem. If friends fail as short-term helpers in an emergency, it becomes really problematic. If things are to go quickly on top of that, the situation initially seems hopeless.

Given the price of tattoos, a 50 USD loan could herald the turn. If your tattoo is really important, you can alleviate your credit worries in a very traditional way. Pawn shops have always been the bank of the little man when all else fails.

The loan is not tied to personal creditworthiness. Each mortgage loan is secured solely by the property pledged. Pawnbrokers pay up to about 50 percent of the real resale value of a pawn immediately and in cash. A real asset that would secure such a small loan for the tattoo can be discovered in practically every household.

Alternative loan offers for mini loans

Cream Bank is not only known for its close cooperation with the Best Lender credit portal (loans from private to private). The bank also offers its account customers options to meet small loan requests as quickly and easily as possible. With the loan for the tattoo, again based on “Berlin prices”, 100 USD should meet the desire for a tattoo.

Customers of the bank only have to activate the money emergency call – online or by app – to fulfill their wishes. The automatic credit approval is already integrated in every account. This way, the tattoo credit is guaranteed even at the weekend.

Exceptional loan – finance expensive tattoos

Exceptional loan - finance expensive tattoos

Of course, full body tattoos do not fit into the price range mentioned so far. If the loan for the tattoo is 1,000 USD or more, but the bank refuses, there are other alternatives.

From a loan amount of 1,000 USD, not only banks are interested in lending, but also private investors. Best Lender and Good Finance are considered a safe place to go if an urgently requested loan is not easily granted. There is no horse’s foot, as with other loan offers for the tattoo.

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