I think I’m a good debtor. Or not? Why don’t banks rush for me?

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If you are a bit different from the conventional source of income, such as an entrepreneur, a mother, a foreign wage, you can even apply for a CSOK claim yourself. In extreme cases, even one bank may be willing to lend to you, despite the level of income you think is appropriate.

You may not be able to borrow a home loan from the bank you look for and will be forced to compare offers from multiple banks, though as a business owner or entrepreneur you may not think you have a problem with a taxable business from a Good Finance or Goodbank.
However, two large banks have already pulled the brakes on these customers.

What are my chances of working abroad for years?

What are my chances of working abroad for years?

The same is true of foreign income, although only one large bank falls out of the circle. However, it is not the same from which country you have a valid salary or work abroad as an entrepreneur or employee.

In fact, it is only after submitting all proof of income or other papers that the bank can decide when lending, whether or not to lend, as it is impossible to tell in advance without the appropriate documents.

I’m expecting a baby and I’m only working for two or three months


Most banks do not accept proof of income for a pregnant mom anymore, so many families and couples may find themselves in a very uncomfortable position if they want to apply for a home loan while the active, working mom is expecting a baby, knowing that income.

At this point, many people get annoyed that anyone can lose their job during the term but still get credit. The answer to this is that banks are aware of this, of course, but such a situation is an unforeseen event. However, it is a foreseeable and highly probable event that the mother will go on maternity leave and then to GYES, CSED. In this case, your expected income will decrease significantly. At least for a while.

White E-Money Home Loan Specialists, with their many years of experience in banking, can help you make your choice.

I want a fixed interest rate until the end of the term

I want a fixed interest rate until the end of the term

In no way do we overwhelm the question of choosing the interest period.

Those who are waking up to safer home loans have good news, as the number of banks that have been able to fix interest rates on home loans for up to 10 years has increased recently. However, coverage in this area is still incomplete, which means that banks are not yet fully equipped with 15 and 20 year fixed rate loans.

Although the repayment tranche of a short-term mortgage may be 25% cheaper, the risk of an increase in the repayment tranche due to a change in interest rates is not to be taken into account in the case of long-term fixed-rate loans.


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